Sunday, May 17, 2009

WAIT!... There's still more info.

Sorry. Derek made go help get the kids in bed the other night so I couldn't finish the post. As you can see, it has taken me a day of so to get around to it again.

OK! The following information is regarding miscellaneous activities in or around IsLand Park that will ensure a super fun vacation... I mean reunion.

Directions to the CaBIN!
Of course head toward Island Park on the highway. The area of Island Park stretches 20 miles and the cabin is near the North end. Take a left (or go west) at Sawtelle Peak Road (at the Subway). Drive past Sawtelle Mountain Resort (this is where some of you may be staying - and the Pavillion is located here) to Stonegate Subdivision. Turn Left on Stone Run. Turn left at every subsequent intersection. You will end up on Boulders. The address of the cabin is 4463 Boulders.

Our Cabin is in a heavily wooded area so unfortunately there is no room for camp sites. The Sawtelle Mountain Resort has a motel as well as RV and tent sites with showers and a swimming pool.
FYI. Rv sites $35.50
Tent sites $16.00
Motel rooms - 1 queen is $89.00 and 2 queens are $99.00
For reservations call: 1-866-558-9366, 1-208-558-9366 , 1-801-388-7472

In the Itinerary, there is mention of a program on Saturday evening after dinner. Would each Family please prepare one "number" for it. If you have questions regarding the definition of "each Family" or "number", please contact Shirley :)

The PlayMill Theatre in West Yellowstone will be performing...
"FootLoose" on Friday evening at 6:00 pm and 8:30 pm
"The Secret Garden" on Saturday (same times)
Tickets are $17.50
Box Office Info: 406-646-7757 or
FYI: West Yellowstone is approximately 30 minutes from Sawtelle Mountain Resort and there would still be time to get to the 8:30 showing after our Program on Saturday pm.

As mentioned before, anyone wanting to organize a golf tourney, a crafty, or any other manner of activity, please post it and we will get it rolling for August.
Until then, Take care everyone!


  1. Donna here...are there places available that Trent and his brothers could pool their $ to stay in, like a cabin of our own to rent. Let me know, would you" Thanks in advance:-)

  2. Hi! I know that there are cabins for rent in IP. Perhaps a google search would help you find them or you could make a call to one of the many Real Estate offices to find out information.