Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hey everyone... I don't know if I am supposed to say anything, but DID EVERYONE HEAR THAT TARA IS ENGAGED??? Congrats! Making plans for August 14th. Idaho Falls temple. Reception in Firth. Her Fiance is Nick Werner . Totally cute. We are all so excited for them!!!

Dennis and Family have recently had time to visit about details for the reunion and these are some of the things that we have come up with.

Dennis and Family will provide dinner on Friday night at the cabin for everyone. BBQ sandwiches & salads will be available all evening as people are arriving.

Some of us are going to attend the PlayMill showing of FootLoose on Friday evening. The show starts at 8:30. If you are interested in attending, call the PlayMill and ask for the Leslie Family/Group Discount. You might want to call ASAP. The 6:30 show is completely full and seats are disappearing quickly for the 8:30 showing.

Dennis & fam. will also provide Breakfast on Saturday morning to be served at the Pavillion as previously mentioned.

We will NEED volunteers to take care of a few meals. Please call Shirley to sign up.
346-4151 or email
Meals up for grabs:
1. Lunch on Saturday
2. Dinner on Saturday
3. Lunch on Sunday

**** We will need a head count from each family no later than July 24th as a courtesy to those preparing meals.

Brandt and Bros want to play golf. Anyone interested in an innocent little tournament with some great prizes :) Call Derek 200-2055 or email and we will reserve a tee time most likely on Saturday morning after breakfast.

Ladies interested in doing a crafty project of some type call Holli 238-8864 or 221-1000 to discuss details. or email me:

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